So Fresh, So Clean, Exploring
The Flavors of Spring

After a bit of a break from The Wooden Table dinners (all work and no play makes cook a dull boy), we’re back! Just in time to take full advantage of the bounty that is the spring time harvest. Our latest menu will be heavy on the local farmer’s market offerings. Raw milk, bitter greens, funky veggies, and interesting honeys it’s all coming to The Wooden Table!

A few of our guests are from abroad (down under to be exact) so we’ll be flying the San Jose flag particularly high this weekend. Just like with our fair city, Vietnamese, Japanese, Filipino, Mexican, Indian, and Italian all played a role in the building of this menu. I’m rather pleased with this menu, it’s packed with courses that really get my stock simmering (know what I’m saying? Stock . . . simmering) but surprisingly enough what I’m really looking forward to preparing is dessert. It’s a gelatin similar to what you might have run across in asian fruit salads but flavored with aromatic Indian spices and served with ice cream made with local honey, it’ll be complex if nothing else. But enough chit chat from me, onto the menu:

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