Upcoming dates

If you’d like to schedule an event with us, give us a shout and we’ll figure it out together. Because, you know, that’s what friends do. =)

The Dinner party

What’s on the menu?

Dinners at The Wooden Table are typically five courses with a few surprises. Our menu is always changing, depending on what looks good in the market and what’s inspiring our chef. We have a few sample dishes listed here so you can get a feel for our fare.

A Private Dining Experience

We refer to ourselves as an underground restaurant. Our dinners are private events, by appointment only. Perfect for a special occasion or diners looking for a unique culinary experience.

Small and large groups

Our dinners are served at a single table and we typically ask that our diners book the entire table, in groups of 6-10. Party sizes outside of this range will require special coordination.

A note on noting Allergies

We can accommodate mild adjustments to the dishes on our menu. Please make a note in the booking form if you or any of your guests have dietary restrictions.