These hot cakes are selling like hot cakes!

All our friends are obsessed about our Rosie’s Rosies! Originally they were a fancy snack that Rosiella would make for Jeff not often enough once in awhile, then we started to bring them to get togethers, next people started requesting them for work functions, and when the holiday orders hit . . . . wooooo booooy . . . orders went through the roof!

But what are they?

Dotted with cream cheese and perfumed with roasted banana leaves, these sophisticated noms are a perfect complement to a coffee or tea. They’re great at any time of day!

How can I place an order?

We’re mostly focussed on wholesale at the moment. We’re looking to partner with just a few stockists around the Bay Area to bring Rosie’s Rosies to the world. We would love to chat about adding our Rosies to your list of offerings, give us a shout! Email or DM us for more info.

Are you legit?

Yes we are too legit. After years of event catering, festivals and hosting pop ups, our Rosies have been one of our most popular products. We lovingly craft them in our commercial kitchen in Campbell, California in small batches.