Fall can be fun too

This week’s menu bids a fond farewell to our fave season. Herbs, charred flavors of the grill and sweet end of summer fruits make appearances. Looking forward to having a great group of eaters tonight at The Wooden Table.

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Heartbreak on a Plate II – First Date!

Tired of Hallmark sponsored gestures of love? Did you just Google the history of Valentine’s Day and now you’re feeling a little jaded? Or maybe you’re just tired of mainstream menus and hard to get reservations.

We’re surely not a fan of any of that, which is why 2 years ago we chose Valentine’s Day as our very first dinner as The Wooden Table.

This year we explore the source of all modern heartbreaks, the first date. It’s gonna be sweet, sexy and, honestly, a little bit awkward. But it ends with breakfast . . .

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Chill out.

Happy New Year Everyone!

As always, our latest menu is inspired by our experiences and as of late we’ve been experiencing a cold and rainy winter here in San Jose. Which makes for brisk hikes into foggy forests, full of young sprouts, interesting mushrooms and nicely moistened trails. It also means a craving for warm flavors, hot soups and cozy comfort food. Guess what made it to the menu . . . all of it!

This week we have a particularly fine group of diners with quite the spectrum of culinary adventures under their belt. Looking forward to having them at The Wooden Table. Hope you enjoy the menu:

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Aloha like a caveman.

So I’ve been reading up on this Paleolithic stuff and I guess we’re not as evolved as we think we are. But don’t worry, that’s never stopped me from making tasty food before. Lots of research went into this one. A little bit of a double theme going on here, a Hawaiian flavored Paleo meal, we had to draw a venn diagram just to get our heads wrapped around it.

What we came up with is a little bit caveman, a little bit Hawaiian and hopefully lots delicious ono. We’ve got food on sticks, anti-rice, nitrate free bacon, and shave ice. What more could an island dwelling caveman want? A nice cavewoman to take to a meal at The Wooden Table, that’s what.

Check out the menu below! Happy eating . . .

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Clove Love

Growing up, the smell of garlic frying up was THE smell of dinner being cooked. To this day the aroma of fresh garlic sizzling gives me the warm fuzzies. So when the opportunity to craft a garlicky menu came around I was sincerely stoked.

We’re especially eggs-cited (you can’t be mad at that pun) about the very special green-shelled eggs that one of this week’s diners is generously providing. Would you eat them if you were able? Try it with our ham at The Wooden Table!

We’re going to attack garlic from a few different angles this week, a pickled preparation makes an appearance, our pork sliders (pause for “yum”) are getting served up on a garlic bread, we’ve got our own twist on a 40 clove dish and then there’s dessert . . .

We’ve got a table full of first time diners this week at The Wooden Table. Looking forward to some big smiles and happy bellies. Speaking of eating, feast your eyes on this week’s menu:

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