Back to Basics: Roast a Chicken!

So I’ve been obsessed with all things Keller lately (well . . . Thomas not Hubert), along my online travels I found this video. Something everyone should know how to do, taught by the chef that everyone should learn it from:

Chicken (and chicken eggs for that matter) is a great first step to take down the path of organic proteins. A grass fed steak may cost you more than you’re willing to shell out on a weekday supper but you can pick up a cage free organic chicken and still have enough room in the budget for that mochi ice cream binge that you’ve been feening.

Roast chicken is a classic dish for all seasons. Serve it with sauteed seasonal veggies, a funky casserole, or garlicky mashed potatoes. We, at The Wooden Table, like to keep it simple with a side of steamed white rice and some Mang Tomas, a sweet condiment used in Filipino cuisine that traditionally accompanies roasts. All together, a great simple pleasure. In fact, I think it’s what’s for dinner tonight. Cheers!

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