Warmth In The Sand: A Seaside Feast

daniel jeremy: sisig, [fatty white fish], uni, bbq huh
daniel jeremy: sounds like a dope ass beach bbq
me: you totally just blew my mind

Inspiration comes from everywhere, music, bike rides, trips to the market and of course, instant messages. I have to admit I was having a little bit of trouble with this menu. I just couldn’t find the common denominator but it’s handy having food friends. Beach BBQ! Of course!

As the weather starts to warm up, I get more and more stoked about the upcoming grilling season. This menu will give me a good chance to play around with some of those summery flavors (smokey, bright, grassy) but with the fresh ingredients of the springtime. I’m especially excited for the sisig remix. Everyone has their own recipe for sisig, the only similarity that I’ve seen is that they all contain finely chopped (think brunoise) protein of some sort flavored with soy and fish sauce, most of the time mixed with onion and jalapeno. We’re going to stick to those basic guidelines and mostly get down with the textures. It’ll be a raging good time:

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