Excerpts from Sunday Supper

So now that you’ve heard the soundtrack, it’s about time that you got a peek at our Sunday Supper offerings. But first off I’ve got to say that this dinner has reminded me how much I really enjoy, what I call, Sunday flavors, comforting warm hug kind of flavors.

Gabrielle Hamilton has been in the media a lot lately (her book seems like an interesting read) so I find myself googling her more and more often. And from what I can gather, she makes that kind of food, barefoot, the scent of fresh cut grass in your nose kind of stuff. Note to self: cook more like Gabrielle Hamilton and wear shoes less. But anyways that’s for another post.

This post is about our recent Sunday Supper meal. It was a fun one to cook. Enjoy the pictures!

Pupusas! We stuffed the pupusas with queso fresco added a dollop of Salvadorean crema and topped with our liquid smoke marinated salmon roe. Our goal for this meal was to take the diners through a full day of Sunday fare starting with brunch, onto a light merienda snack and ending with a Sunday supper course. This course was brunch.

The next course was a soup, salad, sandwich combo. The soup was a chawan mushi, a japanese custard made by combining just 2 ingredients, eggs and bacon stock then steamed. The soup/salad was a marrow bone with a side of pan de sal toast points and a parsley/celery leaf/shallot salad dressed with lemon.

I mean, come on. If rice porridge doesn’t say asian comfort food I don’t know what does. Kids are literally raised on this stuff, it’s probably the first solid(ish) food that I was fed, it’s what my brother and I would get when we were sick. And it’s still tough to beat a big steaming bowl of really gingery arroz caldo on a rainy day (although phở gives it a run for its money). Then there’s the Vietnamese herb roasted chicken, juicy, crispy, herby. We added a soft boiled egg, because well, we love soft boiled eggs, and as kind of a raft to float all that crispy chicken on. Classic on different kind of classic served with a proper soft boiled egg.

Got to have a pot roast. We made it with some nice shanks. Slow braising them broke down all those nice connective tissues revealing its unctuous texture. We paired it with a couple of rounds of braised daikon, carrot and celery.

To round out the meal we made a strawberry/fennel pie with two scoops of mint mate ice cream on the side.

This would’ve been a nice meal to enjoy with our diners.

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