Mmmm Meatballs . . .

Some menus come to me easier than others. This one was a tough one, which is odd because Sundays are, by far, my favorite day to cook. I wish I was more organized and less brain dead because if I was maybe I’d have a big old google doc filled with fancy recipes that I could pick and choose from. But brain cells don’t grow back so I’m stuck with what I’ve got. So I had to build this menu from the ground up. What did I come up with? Meatballs.

Yup meatballs. They’re all the rage now, haven’t you heard? Thank you Brooklyn. But that’s not the reason they’re on the menu. They’re also super delicious and nostalgic, important for a Sunday supper. I wanted this meal to feel like a big hug.

So I dug deep for some of those comforting flavors from my childhood and put this menu together. Roasted pork, longanisa, meatballs in red sauce, and fatty beef, all flavors that bring back happy memories. So all in all this menu is more about sharing happiness than anything else.

We’re excited for a lot of things this week (homemade longanisa, our own lechon sauce and fried bread!) but what we’re really stoked on is our cheese plate. It’s our first shot at one, and boy do we love good cheese plates (Chez TJ had a great one, house graham crackers what). Well it’s time to get back to the grind (get it? homemade sausage . . . back to the grind. get it?) so I’ll leave you here to peruse the menu.

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