UniCorns and Bisteks

I had fun with tonight’s menu. It’s a little ambitious for a Friday night service but making dumplings isn’t that hard is it? . . . is it? Anyways, hopefully it’ll put me in a zen state after a long week of nine-to-fiving. There’s also the added motivation that I have family coming to dinner tonight so I’ll have to be on top of my game.

I’m especially excited about the UNIcorn (get it? unicorn, UNIcorn. get it? oh wordplay . . . it’s fun). Not only was it cool to put unicorn on the menu but it’ll be a nice mix of textures (unctuous uni, snappy corn, pillowy scallops), flavors (sweet, briny, acidic) and temperatures (cold ceviche, hot corn). I’m leading with that and closing with Bistek & Eggs, my take on the classic Filipino soy and lemon marinated beef. In this version I’ve upped the ante with some wagyu and breakfastafied it by serving it with an onion marmalade, crunchy hashbrowns and of course a 5:10 egg.

Is that the sound of a whip cracking? I’d better get back to work . . . enjoy the menu:

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