Picks from poisson!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes I think I’m too verbose. So, here are a few shots from our recent pescetarian meal (okay so I just couldn’t resist captioning each shot with a few words anyways). Enjoy!

We froze some out of season, yes out of season tomatoes (for the mild tartness), pureed them and used them as a little granita to put beneath the oyster to both flavor and chill.
photo courtesy of Charissa from wane poetic

Our uni vinaigrette has a shot of lemon to cut the richness of the sea urchin, served on cold soba with some spicy sugar peas (to mimic a fresh pepper) for crunch.

This is our take on bacon wrapped scallops (sans bacon of course). Here, diners can enjoy the smokey aroma of the hot dashi while consuming the sweet scallops and wash them down with the flavor of the tinapa infused broth. The scallops are set on a light shitake poi raft and served with radishes and radish sprouts for freshness.
photo courtesy of Charissa from wane poetic

It’s been one of my dreams to put a whole fish on the menu, the pescetarian meal seemed the place to do it. We boned it out and paired it with a bunch of sides to offer some complexity to the dish. We served it on banana leaves and the diners were asked to feast with their fingers (using nori sheets to minimize the carnage).

For this dish we took the flavors of a brandade but crisped up the salt cod and the skin of the potatoes. We used the pureed cauliflower and the soft boiled egg for the creamy and sweet components and some salmon roe for color and pops of brine.
photo courtesy of Charissa from wane poetic

We used our very own secret pound cake recipe for this dessert, along with our homemade papaya jam and topped it with some (hand whipped) coconut cream. Down on the plate is a white chocolate sauce dotted with some black pepper / black sesame brittle.

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