Heavy on the Hog

Pork fat runs deep in my veins (wait for it) . . . literally (cue the laugh track).

My people have been spit roasting whole pigs to create the infamous lechon baboy for generations. Pork is one of the oldest sources of domesticated protein (like 5000 B.C. old) so it comes to no surprise that it’s also one of the most pervasive. Many global cuisines have benefitted from the sweet succulence of pork. BBQ it, grill it, stew it, roast it, turn it into an ice cream, cure it, candy it, deep fat fry it, there’s a long list of delicious porky preparations.

Pork is such a versatile, fatty, unctuous meat that it’s also no surprise that many cooks celebrate the goodness of hog on a fanatic level. The Wooden Table didn’t want to be left out of the pig party so we present to you the menu for the first of many big pig meals at The Wooden Table, Heavy on the Hog:

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