Well here we are . . . December. It’s been awhile since I’ve written to you, my fanatical food friends. But things have definitely kept rolling here at The Wooden Table, still cranking out the (sometimes overly) satisfied customers. A menu or two might be missing from the site and those shall ever remain the notorious lost menus of The Wooden Table . . . or we might end up posting them and fudging the dates.

Either way it’s gonna be awesome.

Speaking of awesome, we have some very awesome guests returning to The Wooden Table this week, and that, my friends, is really awesome. We love it when our friends keep coming back to visit us and give us a chance to try something new for them. This menu is named “Shiver” because the San Jose air is crisp this time of the year (and its a better name than “Brrrrrrr”). Happy Holidays and enjoy!

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